Responsible and sustainable travel

Framework agreements for travel, accommodation and conference services provide a wide range of services for those working in travel management procurement. Hansel offers ten different framework agreements through which customers can source all kinds of travel services from flights to conference packages and travel agency services.

The procurement of travel services is governed by agency-specific travel guidelines and government travel regulations and strategy.

The State’s travel management function is there to support agencies’ core activities and enable safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly travel.

When procuring services for official trips, reservations can typically be made at the contract price through a variety of channels. Customers will achieve the best results by using the contract travel agency and the payment solution. Using framework agreements also ensures compliance with the Procurement Act.

Environmental perspectives at the fore

Hansel has been tendering travel, accommodation and conference services in a centralised manner, and service providers must also fulfil certain environmental criteria, such as vehicle emissions, material recycling, and other operating methods that support sustainable development.

In accordance with the travel strategy, environmental loading must be reduced through, for example, a critical evaluation of the actual need to travel, paying attention to modes of transport, and increasing the use of technical solutions that reduce the need to travel.