Digitisation of society impacting on procurement

The digitisation of society and changes taking place in Hansel’s operating environment have been considered in the company’s strategy, which includes several actions aimed at developing electronic procurement services.

For our customers and contract suppliers, the digitisation of Hansel’s services translates into a wider range of electronic services. We want to offer the fastest and most flexible service to our customers and suppliers, and to this end have made an increasing number of services available online.

The new online service introduced in late 2014 will improve the efficiency of our customers’ procurement by offering them more information and by simplifying the framework agreement registration notice procedure. An extensive new online service was finally completed in February 2015, when our extranet, which is targeted at contract suppliers, was integrated into our new hansel.fi e-service.

Development work to provide better online services for customers will continue with the objective of improving both the service level and customer and supplier satisfaction. Customers will continue to receive personal service through our customer service and customer relationship managers.

Towards more efficient procurement

Procurement is often a laborious and time-consuming process. Electronic procurement solutions can reduce the administrative burden, simplify the tendering process and framework agreements, and increase the transparency of the procurement process.

The introduction of an e-tendering solution designed to enhance government procurement is an important strategy-driven project for Hansel. Electronic auction has been used as a tool in the tendering process, and experiences have been positive.

Studies show that SMEs in particular benefit from electronic procurement. Generally speaking, more SMEs have participated in public procurement tendering since the introduction of electronic processes2.

Tendering services can also be used to boost the efficiency of procurement, by harnessing experts’ wide-ranging expertise and making use of existing model templates and established processes.

Towards e-tendering

The new Procurement Act will require all public procurements to be open to electronic tenders. This stems from the European Union’s Public Procurement Directive and strategy on electronic procurement, which seeks to adopt electronic procedures during 2016. In practice, this means electronic tender notices, calls, and submissions.

The framework agreement on e-tendering solution will be in force 2015–2023, and will enable customers to access the tendering system administered by Hansel. When using the automatic system, all stages of the procurement procedure, from announcements to payments, will be carried out electronically. The e-service is available at hanki-palvelu.fi.

The Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority has audited the system’s information security. After the Authority gave its approval in January 2016, the system’s further deployment started.

Benefits for customers and suppliers

The electronic procurement procedure will boost efficiency in the public sector. It will also create more opportunities for European companies, and in particular SMEs, to benefit from the advantages offered by digital internal markets.

Real benefits will be gained when both calls and tenders can be made in electronic format, enabling any data that has been entered to be reused. This will significantly accelerate the entire procurement process, from tender opening and evaluation to making the final decision.

Hansel and its contract supplier provide comprehensive training for those starting to use the system. A variety of briefings, user events, and development teams support the use and development of the e-tendering solution.

2Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions: End-to-end e-procurement to modernise public administration, 26 June 2013.